AIR Eau de Parfum Black Cap
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AIR Eau de Parfum

A carbon-negative fragrance made from CO2

Material: Black Cap

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AIR Eau de Parfum is the world’s first fragrance made from CO2. Inspired by Earth’s most abundant and vital elements of air, water and sun, it’s a genderless and limited-release fragrance.

Orange Peel, Fig Leaf
Jasmine, Violet, Azalea, Sweetwater
Powdery Musk, Tobacco
A transformative fragrance made from CO2

AIR Eau de Parfum


Rethinking current industry practices, we’re elevating standards of production while cleaning the air we breathe.

Air Company
Electricity Source
90% Wind, 10% Solar
Hydrogen Source
On-site Electrolysis
CO2 Reduced / Bottle
0.036 KG


New York Times

‘Offering an intoxicating mix of hope, hype and science’

AIR Eau de Parfum bottle