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AIR Eau de Parfum

An AIRMADE fragrance made from CO2

Size: 50ml
Material: Black Cap

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Blended with AIRMADE Ethanol, AIR Eau de Parfum transforms planet-warming CO2 into carbon-negative alcohol, reducing its climate impact to less than zero.

Bright and grounding, AIR Eau de Parfum is a genderless scent inspired by Earth's most vital elements, reminding us that we are not separate from nature—we are part of it.

Proudly the world’s first carbon-negative fragrance.

Orange Peel, Fig Leaf
Jasmine, Violet, Azalea, Sweetwater
Powdery Musk, Tobacco
A universal fragrance made from CO2

AIR Eau de Parfum


At AIR COMPANY, we work with the Earth—rather than against it—to create the world’s first carbon-negative fragrance. Our patented AIRMADE technology builds on the wisdom of nature to transform CO2 into carbon-negative ethanol.

Electricity Source
90% Wind, 10% Solar
Hydrogen Source
On-site Electrolysis
CO2 Reduced / Bottle
0.036 KG


Harper's Bazaar
The New York Times
The Zoe Report

'Sustainability is the name of the game, and perfume is leaning in.'

‘Offering an intoxicating mix of hope, hype and science’

'A lush, clean fragrance that smells like taking a fresh pair of sneakers on a walk through the park.'

'The tobacco comes through most notably, but not in a smokey bar type of way — it’s much more subtle, as if you’re leaving a crowded room and walking back into the blazing sunshine.'

AIR Eau de Parfum bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is sustainable perfume?

    Sustainable perfume is manufactured using a process that is not detrimental to the environment. With the growing impact of climate change becoming ever more clear, finding ways to manufacture everyday products, like a fragrance, that do not contribute to carbon dioxide levels–or even help reduce those levels–is key to ensuring our future.

    When it comes to reducing the impact of climate change, lowering the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a big driver, and carbon capture is an effective way to do just that. At AIR COMPANY, we combine the carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes with hydrogen generated through electrolysis to manufacture alcohols that we use in a number of products. One of those products is a unique fragrance.

    To put it simply, we are turning air into perfume. While there are a number of companies that are working to store captured carbon, we are using it to manufacture products available to consumers. Using a process very similar to how trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar, we convert excess carbon dioxide into alcohol that is used in products like our sustainable fragrance and other sustainable products.

  • How do you make perfumes eco-friendly?

    Perfumes can be made eco-friendly in a number of ways. From sustainably sourced oils and materials to their manufacturing process, eco-friendly perfumes are becoming more prominent.

    However, our AIR Eau de Parfum takes a different approach. We use a sustainable and eco-friendly process to manufacture the base alcohol that is key to every perfume. Our limited-release fragrance is made by converting carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes into that alcohol, which makes this perfume extremely eco-friendly. AIR COMPANY uses renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, to create its products.

    But we don’t stop there. Our fragrance comes in a labeless bottle (to cut waste) that is designed to be reused.

  • What makes a fragrance non-toxic?

    Many modern perfumes are manufactured in ways that make them toxic in some way. Although the process of making perfume and fragrance has been refined over hundreds of years, modern processes have become a big sticking point in making things non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    However, our fragrance goes back to the basics of fragrance manufacturing, using ingredients that are non-toxic to begin with. In addition to using ethanol we’ve created from captured CO2, we’ve used water produced from our on-site electrolysis and have chosen to use synthetic essential oils, which helps reduce allergens.

  • How do I know if a perfume is eco-friendly?

    It can be difficult to determine if any product is eco-friendly. The easiest way to check is to look at how it is manufactured.

    For example, when it comes to manufacturing our fragrance, AIR COMPANY uses sustainable and eco-friendly processes such as our carbon utilization processes and electrolysis in manufacturing to create a carbon-negative product. And, in an effort to mitigate transportation emissions, AIR Eau de Parfum was designed, engineered, mixed, and bottled in New York.

    Also, look at the ingredients in the perfume. To raise our fragrance's sustainability, quality, and consistency, AIR Eau de Parfum’s scent oil includes safe synthetic ingredients. Compared to natural ingredients, synthetic ingredients allow for a higher-quality product and more product consistency. Synthetic ingredients are also more sustainable, as the harvesting of natural ingredients is detrimental to the planet and its ecosystems