AIR Hand Sanitizer

AIR Hand Sanitizer

A disinfectant that helps keep people and the planet healthy

Created at the height of the pandemic to help combat a global threat, Air Spray is a fast-drying, 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer made from air. It’s a carbon-negative antibacterial spray that protects against germs while quantifiably improving the air we breathe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all hand sanitizers eco-friendly?

    Hand sanitizer is very easy to make, but making it eco-friendly is not always something that is done. To be effective, our spray hand sanitizer is made with 80% alcohol, and the manufacturing process actually results in less carbon in the atmosphere. Other products may use a different amount of alcohol, and the methods used to make them may actually put more carbon into the atmosphere.

  • What makes hand sanitizer eco-friendly?

    Like anything else that is considered eco-friendly, if you want your hand sanitizer to fit that description, it is going to have to be manufactured in a way that does little (or no) damage to the environment. Sustainable manufacturing processes are continuing to be applied to a lot of things, so finding eco-friendly products is getting easier all the time. Buying sustainable products, like those we make at Air Company, can help you feel good about your choices for everyday things.

  • How does Air Company create its sustainable hand sanitizer?

    The process we use to manufacture our spray hand sanitizer is unique in a lot of ways. While the idea of carbon capture is not new, our process involves using that captured carbon in the manufacture of various products. With the carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes, which we combine with hydrogen generated through electrolysis, our reactor manufactures ethanol and methanol alcohol. That alcohol makes a potent sanitizer, good for quickly and effectively killing germs on your hands.

    Our manufacturing process turns air and water into something very useful. In fact, the final product is actually carbon-negative, meaning that when you use it, you are actually improving the quality of the air by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. The science behind sustainable hand sanitizer is based on the method used by plants and trees to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar. Electrolysis is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released, and the hydrogen is pumped into our reactor along with carbon dioxide that has been captured at the source of industrial processes. Inside the reactor, the gases are combined to make ethanol and methanol, two potent alcohols that are very good for use as a sanitizer.

    At Air Company, we know how difficult it can be to find a sustainable company that is capable of delivering quality products that are actually good for the environment. Our hand sanitizer and other consumer products are not just helping fight climate change, they are helping to improve the state of the atmosphere by being carbon-negative. We sell our products to consumers and reinvest the money to help grow and improve our processes. We have set a goal for ourselves to offset more than three times the carbon dioxide output of Africa, and we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

  • What is a natural hand sanitizer?

    A natural hand sanitizer is something that quickly and effectively kills germs without the need for harsh chemicals. Alcohol has been shown to be quite suitable for this. Our sustainable hand sanitizer uses 80% alcohol, making it natural in addition to carbon-negative.

  • Are natural hand sanitizers still effective?

    Hand sanitizers made with alcohol are very effective. In fact, they can be more effective than some chemical-based sanitizers. While many natural products are not as effective as their counterparts, hand sanitizers made with a high level of alcohol will quickly kill germs, providing outstanding sanitization.