AIR Vodka

AIR Vodka

An AIRMADE spirit made from CO2


Made with AIRMADE Ethanol, AIR Vodka is the world’s cleanest, highest quality and first carbon-negative spirit. AIR Vodka is engineered with our proprietary AIRMADE Technology to help create a world with cleaner air—the perfect way to balance indulgence with impact. It’s clean and crisp with a smooth finish and is best sipped on the rocks or in a martini, or Airtini as we call it

Bottle Size
750 ML
Free of
Sugar, Gluten, Carbohydrates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can alcohol be sustainable?

    A company can do a lot to be more sustainable in how it handles productivity and its operations. For example, using quality materials such as glass that can be reused.

    For the producers of spirits, hand bottling is an excellent next step, eliminating the need to power up fossil-fuel-hungry machinery to fill bottles. At AIR COMPANY, all of our systems run on renewable energy. Further, the use of biodegradable labels and packaging helps ensure that any materials that do escape the recycling process do not become environmental pollutants.

    Finally, the alcohol itself can be made using the cleanest possible processes. With vodka, this is even easier since it needs only two ingredients: water and ethanol.

    The technology to create ethanol from CO2 is relatively new. At AIR COMPANY, our process to create ethanol removes CO2 from the atmosphere, in turn allowing us to create the world’s first carbon-negative spirit.

    We are the first vodka producer to use this process to make the cleanest alcoholic beverage on the planet. This guarantees that the contaminants, additives, and other impurities common in spirits will never find their way into AIR Vodka. At this point in time, we are the only company that can make that claim, and as early adopters, we expect to remain far ahead of the competition when it comes to quality.

  • What makes AIR Vodka different from traditional vodka?

    Traditional vodka is made by fermenting grain (corn, potato, wheat). Thousands of acres of land of grain are farmed and fermented to create an alcohol mash that is then distilled to remove some harmful impurities (methanol, fusel oils, amyl alcohols, ketones, etc.), but many remain in trace amounts.

    At AIR COMPANY, we skip this entire fermentation process. Therefore, our AIR Vodka doesn’t have any of the impurities that traditional production methods would result in, and by skipping the entire fermentation process, we also mitigate the need for acres of farming and irrigation.

  • How does the taste profile of sustainable spirit compare to a traditional vodka?

    Taste is a matter of opinion and experience, but quality and taste profile aren’t. As we all know, alcohol of any kind is an acquired taste. But of course, those who appreciate the highest quality spirits know that the process of producing greater and greater levels of purity is intensive. Further, those with a well-developed palate understand that purity is everything.

    A winner of blind taste tests, Pentawards’ 2020 Diamond - Best of Show, and Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards, AIR Vodka boasts a clean and crisp taste with a smooth finish—and the process of creating it eliminates impurities.

    For AIR Vodka, purity and sustainability are achieved in a single process: our ethanol procurement process.

    This is achieved through our AIRMADE™ Carbon Technology. Because no fermentation or filtering is needed, there is simply no way for impurities to enter the production process. This means our vodka meets higher standards for purity than any other spirit, at the same time producing zero waste.

  • How can alcohol brands be more sustainable?

    Here at AIR COMPANY, producing sustainable products is our highest calling. Using advanced carbon utilization technology, we create products that have the potential to be the best and the cleanest in their categories. As a result, all of our products are the cleanest and purest on the market.

    But that is not where we stop. We make decisions across our supply chain, such as relying solely on renewable energy, using a natural, non-toxic adhesive for the label, having a 100% reusable and recyclable packing system, and offsetting printing by planting trees.

    Everything we do within our business is centered around making products that are kinder to the planet. We want to educate consumers that you do not need to sacrifice quality to embody notions of sustainability and the environment by building a brand that is centered around conscious living and consumption.

    In short, vodka is the cleanest, most sustainable spirit in the world. It is also ideal for the carbon utilization process, which makes it possible to create the cleanest, most sustainable alcoholic spirit on Earth.

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