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2017 – Future

The catalyst for it all was an overseas encounter between Gregory Constantine and Dr. Stafford Sheehan in 2017, where they realized they shared a common goal of bettering the planet. Following countless hours of iteration and innovation, they launched AIR COMPANY in 2019 to rethink and rework solutions that propel and challenge how we engage with our climate crisis.

Our priority is to utilize as much CO2 as possible to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas levels through carbon utilization technology. We are currently focused on creating change by accelerating the world’s transition to CO2-derived chemicals and fuel production. We believe that the impossible is in fact, possible and are here to demonstrate to the world that there is limitless potential in technology and that it should be accessible to all.


The AIR Team

We are a dynamic team of individuals with expertise in:

Chemistry, Research & Development, Engineering, Operations, Production, Logistics & Supply Chain, Product Design, Brand, Creative, Strategy, Business Development and People

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We are focused on creating planetary change through technology and product innovation. By taking Earth’s excess CO2 and transforming it into carbon-negative alcohols and fuels, we are revolutionizing production standards and supply chains across industries.

From the fragrances we wear everyday to the fuel that moves us around the world, we are accelerating our society’s transition to global decarbonization, taking on the responsibility of the future health of our planet.

Air Company Founders


Gregory Constantine
Co-Founder & CEO

With a spirit of innovation, Gregory Constantine is recognized as a world-leading entrepreneur in business and marketing, landing him on the Forbes' 2017 30 Under 30 list. Leading all company strategy, operations and innovation, including marketing and product design, Constantine has accelerated the company from an early-stage startup concept into one of the world's most innovative companies. He has led the company towards adopting numerous profitable applications of its technology, including fragrances, spirits and rocket and aviation fuels, among others. He brings expertise in the arts with an undergraduate degree from The University of Sydney and a wealth of business acumen from the Executive program at Harvard Business School.

Dr. Stafford Sheehan
Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Stafford Sheehan is a world-leading scientist, inventor and global thinker with 10 published patents in the chemistry and physics fields, over 38 academic publications and several technical awards. In 2016, his work landed him on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. With a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Yale University, Dr. Sheehan's work and research led him to develop catalyst materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers for hydrogen production and spearhead the development of disruptive proprietary technologies. As the creator of AIR COMPANY's ground-breaking carbon utilization technology, Dr. Sheehan leads a team of distinguished scientists and engineers, overseeing all technological ideation, innovation, and execution.

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Our goal as an organization is to partner with leaders and expand into industries where our technology will have the largest impact and the most CO2 reduction.

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