Shop Sustainable Products Made From Atmospheric CO2

Applications for People

We take Earth's excess CO2 and transform it into carbon-negative alcohols and fuels. From the luxury fragrances we wear everyday, to the jet fuel that moves us about the world, the potential for impact is limitless.

AIR Eau de Parfum

A carbon-negative fragrance made from CO2

AIR Eau de Parfum is the world’s first carbon-negative fragrance made from CO2. Inspired by the earth’s most abundant and vital elements of air, water and sun, it’s a genderless and limited-release fragrance.

50 ML Bottle
3.6 G CO2 Utilized / Bottle
Genderless Scent

AIR Vodka

Impurity-free vodka made from CO2

750 ML Bottle
ABV 40%

AIR Hand Sanitizer

A disinfectant that helps keep people and the planet healthy

50ML Bottle
0.213 KG CO2 Utilized / 3-Pack