Creating Products From CO2 to Extend Life on Earth

We exist to ensure humanity's existence

Our mission is to decarbonize the planet by transforming CO2 into an endless resource.

At AIR COMPANY, we’re transforming our most problematic greenhouse gas into an endless resource, converting carbon into carbon-negative chemicals and fuel. Our scalable, modular technology solution has the power to turn our world's industries into sustainable ones.

The AIRMADE™️ System is ready, and it’s scaling every day. When we get every industry to use it, we’ll lower carbon emissions enough to stop the climate crisis from being a crisis.

Every industry can help fight climate change

There’s no denying climate change is an extinction-level problem. And it requires radical action. Rapidly scaling and deploying CCUS technologies like ours, will help aid in the transition to a decarbonized economy, free of our reliance on fossil fuels.

This necessary clean energy transition requires us to change how we look at the world’s largest industries, and it is widely accepted that CCUS technologies are a key ingredient in this movement. With our AIRMADE™️ chemicals and fuel, we are actively demonstrating the feasibility of our technology and its role in decarbonizing our economic systems.

We can preserve life on Earth, and the solution is here, ready to be used.

Planetary Health

Carbon utilization at scale

We’ve engineered a scalable, modular technology designed to create carbon solutions that function with industry and drive consumer demand. Powered by renewable energy, we convert CO2 into the highest quality and most sustainable chemicals and fuel on the planet. From spirits and beauty, to aviation and beyond, our technology is being applied to reshape businesses of all kinds.

By scaling our technology across all applicable verticals, our projected impact could avoid 10.8% of global CO2 emissions, the equivalent of more than 4.6 billion tons of CO2 annually.

As we scale globally, we’ll commercialize our technology and products while also offering equitable distribution of our systems to communities disproportionately affected by the climate crisis.

Planetary Health