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Applications for Industry

We take Earth's excess CO2 and transform it into carbon-negative alcohols and fuels. From the luxury fragrances we wear everyday, to the jet fuel that moves us about the world, the potential for impact is limitless.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Carbon-neutral jet fuel, made from CO2

AIRMADE Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Revolutionizing the way we move through the sky begins with the fuel we use. AIRMADE™ SAF offers the highest GHG emission reduction of any sustainable aviation fuel in the world.


A pathway to cleaner production standards


We have demonstrated and proven our ability to produce ethanol at an industrial scale using our patented carbon conversion technology. Our carbon-negative ethanol has been tested and proven to be unparalleled in quality and purity, and we are working to offer it at a commercial level for greater impact within consumer industries.


A cleaner solution to power industry

AIRMADE Methanol

Our carbon-negative methanol has been tested and is proven to be cleaner than AA-grade methanol. The shipping industry is gradually transitioning to using green methanol as a low-carbon fuel alternative and we’re here to help.

We are looking to partner with industry
leaders to create planetary change

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does AIR COMPANY create products from carbon dioxide?

    For billions of years, plants have been the most effective method for capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Through their photosynthesis process, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugars. We mimic that process, taking in carbon dioxide and using water and renewable energy to create the carbon-negative alcohols and fuels we use in our products.

    The only other byproducts of our process are water and oxygen. Then we use these alcohols to manufacture a number of products for consumers to use, such as our AIR Eau de Parfum. We are working with nature to help solve a global problem.

  • Where does AIR COMPANY source its carbon dioxide from?

    We use carbon dioxide from biogenic CO2 sources—the carbon we utilize is point-source captured from traditional ethanol fermentation facilities where corn is the bio-based feedstock. The CO2 from these facilities is captured before it is released into the atmosphere, allowing us to mitigate emissions altogether.

    This carbon dioxide is combined with hydrogen, produced through electrolysis, in a reactor core, where it is converted to ethanol, methanol, paraffin, and water.

  • What products can AIR COMPANY's carbon conversion technology create?

    Our carbon conversion technology can create a spectrum of environmentally friendly products that appeal to consumer and commercial uses, as AIR COMPANY can make anything consisting of ethanol, methanol, and of course, paraffin.

    Right now, we have three products available to consumers: AIR Eau de Parfum, AIR Hand Sanitizer, and AIR Vodka. Each of these products is manufactured from the ethanol and methanol produced in our reactor from the combination of captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen from electrolysis.

    For commercial uses, AIRMADE™ Sustainable Aviation Fuel works to free the aviation industry from its dependency on fossil fuels. Approved and used by the US Air Force, our SAF converts a pollutant into a resource. AIR COMPANY also produces carbon-negative ethanol at an industrial scale. Ethanol is used in a range of products, from alcoholic drinks and cosmetics to fuel. Our carbon-negative methanol—tested and proven to be cleaner than AA-grade methanol—functions as a fuel alternative.

    If the world's industries used our technology, we could reduce global emissions by 10.8% annually.

    Manufacturing products that we are able to sell to consumers enables us to not only do something with the captured carbon but it provides us with a source of revenue that we reinvest to grow our operation, which means more carbon captured. Our products made from CO2 are unique and give customers the chance to make a difference in the fight against climate change–while having something they can physically show for their efforts.

    Our carbon technology is a unique way to address the problem of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Our sustainable products are made from recycled carbon dioxide. Our products are available to consumers, and we plan to scale our operations across multiple platforms to eliminate three times the amount of CO2 emitted by Africa every year.

  • Is it safe to use CO2-based products?

    Most definitely! Carbon is found in many forms in everyday life. And if products are made from captured carbon, they must pass the same safety regulations as traditional materials used in food and consumer products.

    Even though CO2 is a pollutant, it can be removed from the atmosphere and converted into products that people and industries can use. Whether that is a fragrance, hand sanitizer, vodka, or SAF, products made from CO2 are a great way to go carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative.

  • What is the most efficient carbon capture method?

    The most efficient way to capture carbon is to do it right at the source. There are ways to remove carbon directly from the atmosphere, but by capturing it as it leaves industrial plants, you can capture it in higher concentrations.

    Also, by not adding to the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the amount of CO2 that is contributing to climate change does not increase. Since carbon dioxide is a major byproduct of many industrial processes, the process of capturing it at the source is more "capture" and less "extraction," which makes it easier to do, less costly, and, therefore, more efficient.