Air Eau de Parfum

A transformative fragrance made from CO2
AIR Eau de Parfum

The world’s first carbon-negative fragrance

a revolution in scent science

turning Earth’s excess CO2 into something beautiful

The Future of Fragrance
is Transformative

A world-first, genderless scent inspired by the elements

Top Notes

Orange Peel, Fig Leaf

Bright and grounding, like the first beams of morning light.

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Violet, Azalea

Fresh botanical aromas unfold as morning becomes midday.

Base Notes

Powdery Musk, Tobacco

Mellow tones of wood and aromatic earth give way to the warmth of a blazing sunset.

Where Scent
Meets Science

Our atmosphere’s biggest problem is also its biggest opportunity.

We work with nature, not against it. Our carbon conversion technology mimics photosynthesis to transform 
CO2 into impurity-free ethanol.

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Our NASA award-winning technology makes a carbon-negative fragrance possible.



The CO2 emissions we use are captured at a source point before they have the ability to enter the atmosphere.



Our carbon conversion reactor is where our captured CO2 is combined with green hydrogen and transformed into an alcohol mixture.



We then distill the mixture to yield carbon-negative ethanol.



Ethanol and scent oil are slowly hand-mixed in large steel totes to prevent impurities. Finally, a small amount of water is added and mixed continuously for a week, and then left to macerate.

We’ve revolutionized beauty industry norms to usher in a new standard of decarbonization.

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Rethinking current industry practices, we’re elevating standards of production while cleaning the air we breathe. With every bottle, we’re taking the most problematic greenhouse gas and putting it to good use.

Our proprietary technology is providing the fragrance and beauty industries with the opportunity to create sustainable products that curb emissions and help slow the effects of climate change.

A clean atmosphere,
bottled up.



Essential Oils




The only thing more captivating than the bottle, is what's inside

Matte Black Cap
Chrome Cap
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AIR Eau de Parfum
AIR Eau de Parfum
AIR Eau de Parfum bottle
AIR Eau de Parfum

A transformative fragrance made from CO2