Camp AIR Recap

Camp AIR

Every day, we come to work to innovate and rethink our relationship with nature in order to preserve life on Earth. In the midst of our passion for pushing climate solutions forward, we can sometimes lose touch with reconnecting with the environment itself, and in order to create an opportunity for this, we took a company trip upstate. Away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, we landed in the Catskills, where we engulfed ourselves in the very landscape that inspires the work we do. This was our first Camp AIR, an all-company offsite where we were able to reconnect with nature and, most importantly, with each other.

We kicked things off with in-depth Enneagram sessions to help us better understand ourselves and our teammates’ work and personality styles. On day two, we all participated in a data visualization activity to remind us of our impact and the importance of the work we’ve committed ourselves to. Using a drone, we took to the skies to show how AIRMADE™ Technology compares to traditional processes of ethanol production.    

Of course, an AIR COMPANY event is never complete without AIR Vodka cocktails, which were flowing throughout our time away. Amongst everything, we took the time to be still. Surrounded by the sounds of nature and clear blue skies, we laughed and toasted to the future of our planet – one that is free of fossil fuels.

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