1 lb of Change

1 lb of Change

We love talking about our technology and how our AIRMADE™ System is revolutionary in the way it converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemicals and fuel. We talk about our Carbon Conversion Reactor, how our catalyst works and how the whole system comes together, but sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and think about what it’s doing: preventing excess CO2 (the leading cause of climate change*) from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. 

While CO2 is all around us, by its very nature, it’s invisible which can make it difficult to understand. We wanted to help bring clarity to what remains unseen so that you can begin to understand the impact of CO2 emissions on our planet. So, we set out to visualize what 1 pound (lb) of CO2 actually means and looks like, creating physical representations of it using three different states of matter: solid, liquid and air. 

1 lb of CO2 is the amount of CO2 we utilized per bottle to make our first product, AIR Vodka, and the same amount we utilize for every eight bottles of AIR Eau de Parfum. You might be thinking: is 1 lb really a lot? But it becomes very powerful when we consider the number compared to current industry practices. The production of a traditional bottle of vodka emits roughly 14 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. That compared to 1 lb of CO2 being utilized is an enormous difference.  

Naturally, we know that one bottle of vodka or eight bottles of fragrance will not change the world, but can you imagine the impact millions of bottles might have? Or, better yet, if the spirits and beauty industries—and all industries that our technology applies to—were to adopt our technology (our ultimate goal)? We’re in the business of world-scale impact and drastically decreasing emissions across industry supply chains. Our products are proof of concepts of that world of potential. 


What better way to visualize the impact than to see it as a physical object? One you can hold. This translucent block weighs precisely 1 lb. We roughly know how much objects weigh as we go about everyday life, but this object exists to help us see and feel a precise weight. It’s a simple, tangible, yet effective way to understand the potential of our technology.


Knowing our products are liquid, we wanted to consider the volume that 1 lb of liquid takes up. Thinking about this alongside a 750-milliliter spirits bottle gives you a sense of the impact our technology has on CO2 utilization. 


The weight of solid objects and the volume of liquids is something that we can all wrap our minds around. We hold things and drink things, but the weight of air is not something we intuitively comprehend. When contained as it is in this visualization, we can see the amount of CO2 gas we are preventing from being emitted into the atmosphere. If we imagine this multiplied by x10, x1,000 or even x1,000,000,000 across all our outputs, we can visualize what a sizeable impact looks like when supply chains are positively disrupted with systems like ours.  

*Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission levels are at the highest they have ever been (in 2022, global GHG emissions reached an all-time high of 57.4 billion tonnes!). While CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and water vapor are the five major GHGs, CO2 is by far the most challenging GHG to address and accounts for about 65% of global GHG emissions.

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